Unlike other kids' audio players on the market, TIMIO is interactive. Not only does it allow kids to select the content they’d like to play, but TIMIO will also invite the child to respond to questions. Kids are more engaged and this interactivity reinforces the learning process.

Listening and learning

TIMIO is ideal to help kids learn new words, songs and even stories. And because TIMIO doesn't have a screen, kids can expand their vocabulary while doing other things at the same time.


Sometimes a busy life gets in the way of a quality story-time ... and that's unfortunate as stories can be so magical! Rely on TIMIO's narrator's soothing voice to accompany your little one in the magical world of fairy tales.


For the little artistic spirits that are already showing an interest in music, we've got you covered! With TIMIO kids can start learning different instrument sounds, the different music notes and even compose their own little tunes.


As important as sleep is, some days it can be difficult to make it happen. Unfortunately, TIMIO can't help you with child's bath-time but it's definitely there for you when you need lullabies and calming sounds, like nature sounds and white noise, to make your child quickly fall asleep. 


TIMIO comes with a set of 20 discs, providing sufficient content to cover your child’s development from 18 months to 7 years of age.

Content per age group




Discs audio sample medley

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