TIMIO offers content in English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Dutch. Why Dutch? Because we’re based in the Netherlands! : -)

TIMIO is approximately 8.3 inches / 210 mm high by 8 inches / 200 mm wide by 1.65 inches / 45 mm deep. TIMIO weighs approximately 3 lbs / 1.4 kilos.

No. TIMIO works right out of the box and wherever you go, absolutely no WiFi needed. So, you can also take it with you in the car, for example.

No. TIMIO’s own curated content is already pre-loaded, so playing or streaming other content isn’t currently possible.

From the start we wanted to offer parents a better sound quality than we’re used to with children toys. So we tested several speakers and adjusted our sound files to sound great! Music is a pleasure to listen to and children can easily understand words and enrich their vocabulary.

Yes! We thought not only about kids, but parents as well, so we added a practical audio jack. You’re welcome! : )

TIMIO works with 3 AA batteries. The battery compartment is safely concealed with a screw, making it much harder for children to access. For environmental reasons, we recommend using rechargeable AA batteries.

Unfortunately due to shipping regulations, batteries are not included.

In normal usage conditions TIMIO’s batteries should last a few weeks. TIMIO saves power thanks to its auto-shut off functionality which, will turn off the player when not in use for more than 5 minutes. To further save power, please make sure to switch the power button to the OFF position when not in use for an extended period of time.

As of today, we do not have disc replacement program. Although, we plan on implementing a replacement program in the future.

Currently, there are a total of 20 discs are available.

No, all discs can be played in all languages. The language setting is on the player. Switch languages by holding the globe icon for 3 seconds.

Yes, it’s very likely that we will issue more discs in the future and make them available on our website. If you have content ideas, please send us your suggestions!

We are definitely considering partnering with content producers.

TIMIO doesn’t use the MP3 file format. It uses a proprietary encoding, so it’s not possible to add any sort of content to TIMIO.

TIMIO is best suited for kids between 3-8 years of age. TIMIO can also be used by parents to play lullabies to help babies fall asleep quickly.

TIMIO has an SD card accessible from the battery compartment. When we develop new discs with new content, these will be delivered on a new SD card to replace the existing one.

TIMIO was designed in Europe with quality and safety in mind and manufactured in China. We have visited the factory in China to insure we work with a partner that upholds the highest international standards for quality and safety.

TIMIO has been developed with kids in mind. It has been tested in the factory quality laboratory and can handle typical kids’ rough handling with ease.

TIMIO puts kids in control. They choose the exact content they’d like to play. Unlike other audio players, TIMIO is also versatile and can play Nursery Rhymes, teach vocabulary, transform into a music instrument, help kids fall asleep, and play fairy tales all in one device. On top of all that, TIMIO is interactive, meaning it will ask questions to reinforce the learning process.

We provide a 1 year manufacturer warranty beginning from the date of purchase. In any case of TIMIO exhibiting a defect in normal use during the 1 year warranty period, TIMIO B.V. will, at its option, replace the product free of charge within a reasonable time after the defective product is returned.

Yes we do. Please refer to the shipping cost for your specific market during checkout.

In Romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, etc.) notes are named with solfège syllables—DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, SI, DO.

The solfège system used in many countries—including the United States—was revised in the 1800’s so that all notes begin with a different letter. The 7th note Si was replaced with Ti. And all became 2 letter notes: Sol became So.

In American-, and British-English, the solfège syllables are DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, TI, DO.

This is a low battery warning. Replace the batteries with 3 new identical AA alkaline batteries (standard or rechargeable). Do not mix old and new batteries or batteries of different types.

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Click here to download the TIMIO User Manual (PDF)Click here for the Warranty and Return procedures