All the basic learning

25 Discs covering many different educational topics

TIMIO is not just a toy, it’s designed to educate children while entertaining them. With a large library of 25 discs on a wide range of topics, TIMIO grows with kids from infancy into grade school.

TIMIO helps with:

Content for that grows with your child

TIMIO comes with 5 discs included. Plus 20 more discs sold separately. Covering many subjects, TIMIO helps your child grow and grows with your child.  Even starting from a young age, your child will love listening to lullabies and nursery rhymes. Once they've developed their fine motor skills they are able to put their own disc and tap the image of their favorite story to play.  Eventually they will start answering the quizzes, discovering numbers or learning vocabulary in a new language. 

Disc Library

The content of the TIMIO disc library

First set of 5 discs included with TIMIO

Holiday Songs

It's a time when we all become children again. Everyone will want to listen to their favorite classic winter songs after receiving TIMIO as a gift!

Bedtime Stories

Kids love stories. These are only about a minute long, perfect for the very young, and cover many themes of a toddler's world, like play time, sleep time, and even toilet time!


The favorite of moms and dads. Soft classic lullaby music, nature sounds like rain and waves, and even white noise! Your little angel will fall asleep in no time!


What's more fun than a police car siren? Kids love to hear the noises of their favorite vehicles while learning their different names.

Farm Animals

Let's go on a trip to the farm. Kids can learn the names and hear the sounds of different farm animals. Who said Mooo?

4 Additional Disc Sets Sold Separately

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TIMIO Disc Set 1 (TMD-01)

Wild Animals

Go on a safari and discover the name and sounds of wild animals! When TIMIO asks 'Find the tiger!', be very careful! : )

Music Instruments

Kids can discover the sounds of different musical instruments and get inspired by the ones they love the most.


Kids love colors and coloring books. Little artists canlearn the 12 basic colors without getting paint on their hands!

Body Parts

Kids start discovering their bodies at a very early age. They'll have fun pointing to their nose and ears while playing and listening.

Nursery Rhymes Vol. I

The Wheels on the Bus, Old MacDonald, and many more favorite Nursery Rhymes. Perfect for learning vocabulary while dancing!

TIMIO Disc Set 2 (TMD-02)

Sea Creatures

Dive and discover sea creatures. Kids will learn the names of the different sea animals with this beautifully illustrated disc.


Circle, square, triangle and all the other basic shapes that children can learn even before starting preschool!


Learn the names of these beautifully colored and delicious fruit. Kids love pointing out the ones they already know!


Kids have fun counting numbers on their fingers and looking for the answer when TIMIO asks 'Find the number 2'.

Nursery Rhymes Vol. II

The most popular nursery rhymes that kids love to listen to and sing along, including the ABC song, Five Little Monkeys, and many more...

TIMIO Disc Set 3 (TMD-03)


Kids can learn about vegetables. Perfect to encourage them to eat a good variety of foods and to grow strong and healthy.


It's never too early to start telling the time. TIMIO will ask 'Find 3 o'clock' and in no time your little one will learn the hours of the day.

Alphabet A to L

Learn the letters of these cute alphabet monsters with clear phonetic pronunciation and fun word examples.

Alphabet M to Z

Learning the letters with phonics is the most effective method. Each letter and associated word are clearly and phonetically pronounced.

Fairy Tales Vol. I

We've adapted the traditional fairy tales of the brothers Grimm and many other stories especially for the 4 to 6 years old!

TIMIO Disc Set 4 (TMD-04)


Mom, dad, do you know the names of these dinosaurs? You can now learn their names along with your daughter! We've even included their sounds!

Little Bugs and Insects

Your little one will love to learn and discover all these insects and bugs names and sounds in this colorful disc.

Fairy Tales Vol. II

One of the most loved discs! Full length classic fairy tales of about 6 minutes each for a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes of entertainment.

Fairy Tales Vol. III

This is the second fairy tales disc of this disc set! This disc contains 12 fairy tales of 6 minutes each, for a total of 1 hour and 4 minutes of entertainment.

Nursery Rhymes Vol. III

12 very popular children songs for every language supported by TIMIO for a total of 96 different songs!

Learning New Languages


Learn Together


Listen to some of TIMIO's audio content


My 3yo and 5yo received their TIMIO for Christmas. They love it.

Phillip B.

Our 3-year-old son absolutely loves TIMIO. The quality of the songs, quiz questions and absolutely everything about the Timio just oozes quality. A stellar product!

Marc M.

TIMIO is fantastic! Our little one loves it so much. She is now playing with it every single day. And with its handy size, it is so easy to bring it with us while travelling.

Tze L.

TIMIO is a great device. The included discs, the various languages, and the overall build of the device is really good.  My kids are going to love it and will probably argue over who gets to go next. I think it will also keep the kids busy during car rides.

Deeh-Yung K.

My daughter utterly loves her TIMIO! An utter hit.

Lindsay L.

My 3-year-old got it as a gift today but my 5-year-old fell asleep listening to the fairy tales and Christmas music.

Jessie P.

Timio just came today, and I already had to play with it. The Christmas music is A+! My daughter loves it!

Bobbi J.

Received my TIMIO today! It’s absolutely fantastic! Couldn’t be easier to use. Already ordered some headphones for my daughter to use it in the car, she’s already addicted to it.

Stephanie G.

We just got our TIMIO and we love it. Thank you so much.

Melissa M.

Best learning and educational toy I have ever seen. It keeps kids busy for hours. Love it because there is no screen. I personally highly recommend this product for babies and toddlers. It almost covers everything for their first steps towards learning.

Megha P.

Just wanted to let you know that our Timio was a huge success and kept out kids busy for the 3 hr car ride back home as well!

Nina G.

Our daughter is so happy with her TIMIO. Easy to start, intuitive and kids friendly! She started dancing while listening.

Agnieszka M.

My daughter loves listening to the fairytales after dinner and she loves hearing the original stories compared to the Disney version.

Aurora S.

My daughter loves it!


My kids 4 and 2 love this! Very easy to use and engaging. They love the Christmas songs and the animal disks the most right now. 

Julie J.