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What others are saying

Timio has inspired thousands of parents & children all around the world.

Timio taught my child so many stories, words in different languages that he keeps surprising me for months already, thank you Timio!

Janine S.

I really enjoy your products. I bought one for my child and another one for my niece. Also they are nice for parents, not too invasive and elegant sounds to listen to.

Guillemette M.

This is probably the only “toy” that my son continues to play with. It’s been six months and he’s still at it! This also has been dropped so many times and it just keeps on going, so durable! Thank you!

Tom M.

Our daughter is so happy with her TIMIO. Easy to start, intuitive and kids friendly. She started dancing while listening!

Agniezka M.

Our kids (18 months and 4.5 years) just love TIMIO. While the youngest one is listening to the wild animal sounds the older one is trying to learn the animal names in Spanish! How practical is this ;)

Joep B.

I absolutely love this toy, and my little one is learning so much from it! We enjoy all the different discs with words and music. So far our favorite is the body parts.

Catherine F.
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